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Designer soaps handcrafted to perfection from the land of Kashmir

Pooshh mean flower in Kashmiri. 
At Pooshh, we aim to help people discover aromatic soaps inspired from Kashmir and handcrafted to match your inner self. Browse our selection online to see what’s in stock, and find just what you have been looking for.

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At Pooshh, we have a passion for unique and wonderful finds. Our buyers are determined to bring you the best values in home goods, so you’ll always be able to find something you adore.

An aromatic and alluring collection of homemade organic soaps by the name Pooshh which means 'flower' in Kashmiri. Pooshh embodies the characteristics of beauty, radiance, elegance, exhilaration and confidence. An enormous amount of thought, time and dedication have gone into brainstorming and R&D to make each soap. This ensures every single soap of ours is different with various effects and benefits.

Pooshh is an initiative to make pure hand made natural soaps that are impactful in terms of

- Purposeful ingredients that add value to your wellness, body care and hygiene

- Small quantity of usage creates a significant impact and satisfaction.  Uses less water per shower.

- Less waste yet not harmful to people and the environment 

Pooshh has introduced a variety of products meeting the specific and common purpose of customers and received a very encouraging response and feedback. Pooshh soaps are used for frequent personal use and gifting experience as a prime buying practice for self and corporate gifting. 

Pooshh Gondh is a bouquet and is used as a preferred gifting alternative for all-purpose occasions. Pooshh brings you a collection of assorted soaps and shapes with customized messages and packaging.

Delivery takes around 10 days

Additional shipping charges may apply

Each soap may differ as they are hand made 

Give them a try - look good, feel good, smell good and be good.

Happy soaping!

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The ‘Poosh’ bars are as pure and serene as flowers. Name well justified. 
Extremely smooth to our skin and we love the fragrance. Our whole family is in love with Poosh bars and practically from the time I have been introduced to ‘Poosh’ there is no other brand available at our home.
It’s posh to have ‘Poosh’ bars at home...
The gift / combo packs are great to be gifted to our friends, the presentation and the packaging are beyond expectation. I always prefer to gift Poosh to my friends...
Thank you Rashila for gifting us with Poosh!!

Rantas J


Questions, comments or special requests? Get in touch today, we’re happy to help.

Springfields Appartments, Harlur Road, Bangalore

+91 9900800277

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